The 2nd London TMJ Surgery Course

Limited Attendance Cadaver Course (30th/31st July 2019)


The Basic and Advanced TMJ Surgery Cadaver Course will be taking place at Guy’s Dissecting Rooms, London, on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st July 2019. This is a limited attendance event with an international faculty. Featuring expert lectures, case discussion and cadaver surgery with fresh heads from the USA.

Course Aims

This very compact two-day course will provide the opportunity for candidates to participate in both TMJ arthroscopic procedures as well as TMJ replacement surgery.

The arthroscopic procedures will be on a one candidate to one head basis with a ratio of 3 faculty to 12 candidates, using STORZ 1.99 scopes.

The joint replacement surgery is sponsored by Concepts TMJ and will be two candidates to one head, one joint each.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss and carry out open joint procedures.

There will be a series of keynote addresses by internationally renowned expert, Dr Gary Warburton, from the University of Maryland.

Time will be allocated for audience participation through question and answer sessions.

There will also be complex case discussion sessions.

The course is suitable for Registrars and Consultants.


Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st July 2019


Guy’s Dissecting Rooms, London, UK



Course Objectives

The course aims to provide candidates with the knowledge and surgical training to undertake arthroscopic procedures on the TMJ and total TMJ replacement surgery.

Through panel discussion and question and answer sessions, the candidates will benefit from the expertise of the faculty, which has been assembled from the leading specialists in this field.

Invited Faculty

Dr Gary Warburton, The University of Maryland, Baltimore USA
Mr Luke Cascarini, London UK
Mr Andrew Sidebottom, Nottingham UK


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